Swedish grant to save starving refugees

Windhoek- Namibia (PANA) -- Food rations for Angolan refugees in Namibia would return to a minimum energy value following a Swedish cash grant of one million dollars to save those who were starving, the World Food Programme announced Tuesday.
WFP recently appealed for urgent relief food assistance from donors for over 20,000 Angolan refugees camped at Osire, about 150 km north of the Namibian capital, Windhoek.
The latest donation brings Sweden's total contribution to over 1.
3 million dollars over the past three weeks.
Following reports that food stocks in the refugee camp had been exhausted, Sweden had previously donated 330,000 dollars and the United States chipped in 96,000 dollars for the same purpose.
A Namibian company, Walvis Bay Salt Refiners, also responded to the appeal with a donation of six metric tonnes of iodised salt.
A WFP official in Namibia, Penelope Howarth, Tuesday said in a statement that food rations for the refugees would return to the minimum standard of 2,100 kilokalories of energy per day and that a supplementary feeding programme for the malnourished people would continue.
The shortage had forced the agency to cut down the food rations by 20 percent.
Howarth said it was feared that the health condition of most refugees, who arrive in Namibia already malnourished, could deteriorate if supplementary feeding programmes were suspended due to shortfalls in funding.
WFP, the food aid arm of the United Nations, fights against global hunger and feeds more than 83 million people in 83 countries, including most of the world's refugees and internally displaced people.

22 may 2001 19:36:00

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