Swaziland's King Mswati appoints 10 MPs

Mbabane- Swaziland (PANA) -- Swaziland's King Mswati III has appointed his constitutionally allowed quota of 10 members of parliament, raising the number of legislators in the House of Assembly to 65.
The chief electoral officer Robert Thwala announced the list of appointed MPs during a press briefing held Thursday at Nkhanini.
King Mswati's two brothers and a sister, Chairman of the Constitutional Draft Commission (CDC) Prince David, Prince Guduza, a former economic planning and development minister, Princess Tsandzile as well as outgoing Swazi National Council Vuka Masilela are on the list.
Masilela was recently cited by the International Bar Association (IBA) as one of the most influential power broker of in the country's politics.
After King's appointees were revealed, the local media has started speculating that a Prime Minister "is among the 10 appointed MPs".
Two of the highly-educated members of the royal family, Prince David and Princess Tsandzile are among the nominated MPs.
Prince David holds a doctorate degree while Princess Tsandzile, an archivist, obtained a Masters Degree in Archives Administration from India and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Prince David is presently chairman of the Constitutional Draft Committee (CDC).
Another appointee is former Minister for Economic Planning and Development Prince Guduza, who holds a Masters degree.
Former Vice President of the Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions and CRC member, Themba Msibi, presently employed by the University of Swaziland is among those appointed.
Mphiwa Dlamini, employed by Tisuka TakaNgwane as an Investment Analyst and a degree holder in Economics from Indiana University, USA, and Diploma in Social Sciences is among the ten.
He is the son to Prince Maguga.
King Mswati also appointed two chiefs, Nzameya Nhlabatsi, an employee of Swaziland Electricity Board and an outgoing member of the Swaziland National Council, and Sonali Dlamini of Emvembili in the Northern Hhohho.
Former Senator Constance Simelane, a woman armed with a Masters Degree, was appointed as well.
The king also appointed yet another former member of CRC Mbashayemahlatsi Magagula, whose curriculum vitae could not be obtained.

31 octobre 2003 11:52:00

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