Swazi capital Mbabane scoops Mandela Award

Mbabane- Swaziland (PANA) -- Swaziland's capital, Mbabane has been awarded the Nelson Mandela Merit International Award Practices for leading good urban management practices with visible transformation, beating 42 other African hopefuls.
Mbabane Mayor, William Mbhamali announced the award Wednesday, saying the city was described as the "best when it comes to sound management, improved sanitation, well managed street vending, controlled crime and street children, controlled and planned developments".
Another best practice identified in Mbabane was he involvement of the communities in community-based planning and participation in decision-making and resource allocation.
Mbabane beat four other cities drawn from the initial list and these included Dar-es-salem (Tanzania), Francistown (Botswana), Port Louis (Mauritius) and Mutare (Zimbabwe).
The shortlisted cities were seen as role models in terms of service delivery, good governance, combating rising crime rate and have strove to be placed where human beings lead fulfilling lives in dignity, safety, happiness and hope.
Mbhamali delivered the award to Housing Minister Dumsile Sukati, and noted that Mbabane is a preferred destination because of its guaranteed security and favourable weather conditions.
As this was the first time for a Swazi city or town to get international recognition, Mayor Mbhamali thanked all inhabitants who have kept Mbabane.

04 march 2004 11:22:00

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