Summit Suggests Conference On Small Arms

ALGIERS- Algeria (PANA) -- The 35th OAU summit has mandated the organisation's secretary-general, Salim Ahmed Salim, to convene a regional conference on small arms.
The meeting would make recommendations on steps to take to solve problems related to the use, transfer and the illegal manufacturing of small arms.
African leaders proposed the convening of a preparatory meeting of experts to formulate a joint African approach to the issue prior to a regional conference scheduled for 2000.
The leaders urged the OAU to seek support from relevant UN institutions and to establish an inter-African co-operation likely to solve issues related to the use, transfer and illegal manufacturing of small weapons.
The summit welcomed initiatives already taken on the issue by member states and regional organisations, particularly the moratorium on small arms by the Economic Community of West African States as well as the destruction of small weapons surplus and obsolete arms in South Africa and the suppression of illegal arms in Mozambique.
It commended the UN for its activity in dealing with the problem "through its expert group on small arms.
" It also welcomed the idea of a protocol on the manufacturing, circulation, proliferation and the illegal dealing of firearms, ammunitions and other related materials, saying this will supplement the current convention on transnational organised crime.

14 july 1999 20:40:00

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