Sudanese voters get two more days to continue marathon vote

Khartoum- Sudan (PANA) -- Sudan's National Electoral Commission (NEC) has extende d by two days the voting period in the current Sudanese general elections.
This follows requests from political parties that the period be extended to enab le all eligible voters to cast their votes.
This means that voting, originally scheduled to run from 11-13 April, will take place for a record five days (now to end on 16 April) in one of Africa's most an t icipated political contests.
Incumbent president, Omar el-Bashir is expected to sail to easy victory.
But it was not immediately clear whether the extension of the voting would affec t the stipulated date of announcing the final results.
This was initially set for 18 April.

12 april 2010 19:00:00

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