Sudanese security agency seizes ‘Al-Tayyar’ daily

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) on Tuesday confiscated print runs of ‘Al-Tayyar’ newspaper from the printing house without giving reasons.

Sudan Tribune reported on Wednesday, quoting journalists working for ‘Al-Tayyar’, that the paper’s distribution points on Tuesday did not receive copies of the daily because it was confiscated from the printing house.

They expressed frustration over the continued punishment of the newspapers through confiscation without justification, saying they no longer seek reasons for the seizure because they wouldn’t receive answers from the NISS.

Sudan Tribune noted that the Chief-Editor of Al-Tayyar, Osman Mirghani, on Monday wrote a column criticising the recent cabinet reshuffle, saying the move would resolve the deep and complex Sudanese crises.

Also, on Monday, the NISS seized copies of Al-Saiha newspaper for the fourth time in three weeks.

Sudanese newspapers complain of the far-reaching powers of the NISS which routinely punishes dailies through confiscation or suspension.

“Following the lift of pre-publication censorship, the NISS started punishing newspapers retroactively by seizing copies of newspapers that breach unwritten red lines inflicting financial and moral losses on these media houses,” said Sudan Tribune.

Local journalists say that NISS uses seizures of print copies of newspapers, not only to censor the media but also to weaken them economically. In February 2015, it seized copies of 14 newspapers from printing press without giving reason.
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