Sudanese opposition leader to work with ruling party

Khartoum- Sudan (PANA) -- Sudan's opposition leader, Dr Elsadiq Elshadi el-Mahdi, who contested last week's presidential election on the ticket of the Umma party , has said he is ready to join a national unity government with the ruling Nationa l Congress Party (NCP), which is expected to win by a landslide.
Contrary to allegations of massive irregularities, el-Mahdi, an assistant profes sor in medicine at the University of Khartoum, said the opposition was disadvant a ged from the beginning when it ignored the registration of party members for the vote.
â?The opposition neglected the registration, which NCP took full control of,â? said el-Mahdi, who has conceded defeat to the incumbent, President Omar Hassan e l -Bashir.
â?We only began appreciating it long after NCP mobilised supporters in anticipa tion of a tough election.
An election should represent the demographic and polit i cal diversity of society, but in our case we took too long to recruit members an d educate them on the significance of the polls.
â? The opposition leader paid tribute to President el-Bashir as an â?adept mobilis er and man of the people.
â? In addition, he said, the opposition lacked the kind of massive financial resources to match those of NCP, which has been in power f o r nearly 25 years.
Sudanese voted in the first multi-party election in more than two decades from 1 0-15 April, an exercise that has been hailed by international and local observer s as credible despite many logistical and technical challenges.
The national electoral commission says the final result in the presidential, gov ernorship, national and regional parliamentary poll will be announce on Friday.
Although some opposition parties boycotted the polls alleging that they had been predetermined, it is expected that a number of them will accept invitation to w o rk with the government.
â?What is important now is that all political parties should speak with one voi ce.
Winning or losing an election should not be an issue,â?said the Umma leader.
His declaration of willingness to belong to the next government comes barely two days after an aide to the President, Mr Nafle Ali Nafle, said if NCP won the po l l, it would extend an olive branch to opposition parties with development agenda that tallies with the ruling partyâ?s.
Nafle was responding to demands by the opposition for nullification of the polls and constitution of a new unity government to organise fresh elections.
â?Those demanding a government of national unity are in effect telling the NCP government to resign.
This is nonsensical, absolute rubbish.
If they are serious , let them also say they are also not going to accept the outcome of the referend u m,â? said he said.
A grouping of opposition parties calling itself the Juba Alliance has vowed to o rganize demonstrations to force the next government to resign as they argue that the polls were fraught with anomalies that discredit the final outcome.

18 april 2010 09:50:00

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