Sudanese leaders to work with Mbeki panel for peace

Addis Ababa- Ethiopia (PANA) -- Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir Wednesday pledg ed to work with the African Uniona?s High-Level Panel on Darfur, led by former S outh African President Thabo Mbeki, towards peace in the entire Sudan.
The Sudanese President said his government welcomed the recommendations made by the former South African leader on the need to take a holistic approach to the p e ace efforts in Sudan, including holding next Aprila?s elections after a Darfur p eace agreement.
a?We wish to express the governmenta?s satisfaction with the panela?s visit a nd express our readiness to work with the panel to identify all the steps that w e can take together to advance the cause of peace, justice and reconciliation,a? the Sudanese government said.
Khartoum said it was ready to work with the Mbeki Panel on the remaining issues, especially the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) signed be t ween Khartoum and Southern Sudan and on the Darfur peace process.
Mbeki said in his briefing to the UN Security Council Tuesday that peace in Suda n depended on the outcome of the Darfur peace negotiations.
He warned that conducting presidential and parliamentary elections in the Sudan without Darfura?s participation would be a grave mistake and would confirm the m arginalization of the region.
The UN Security Council welcomed the Mbeki report recommendations and underlined their appreciation for the balanced and comprehensive nature of the recommendat i ons to promote peace, justice and reconciliation in Darfur and Sudan as a whole.
a?They looked forward to the implementation of a holistic approach to the probl ems facing Sudan and support efforts aimed at the peaceful and democratic transf o rmation of Sudan, in line with the provisions of the Comprehensive Peace Agreeme n t,a? they said in a statement read by President of the Council Michel Kafando of Burkina Faso.
African Union High-level Implementation Panel on Darfur, led by Mbeki, met senio r Sudanese politicians, including President Bashir and Southern Sudan President S alva Kiir, to discuss various issues, including the implementation of CPA.
The Security Council also endorsed the subsequent decisions of the African Union Peace and Security Council.
Sudanese authorities also welcomed the recommendations of PSC, saying the holist ic approach taken by the AU organs towards peace in the rest of the Sudan was co m mendable.
a?The Government of Sudan welcomes the holistic approach adopted by the panel a nd endorsed by PSC and looks forward to the constructive engagement of the inter n ational community with the AU for the promotion of peace, reconciliation, justic e and prosperity in Sudan,a? according to a statement issued by a Sudanese Foreig n Ministry Spokesman.

24 december 2009 20:18:00

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