Sudanese electoral body promises free, fair polls

Khartoum- Sudan (PANA) -- A member of the Sudanese National Elections Commission, Dr.
Mukhtar Al-Asam said the commission has chosen the most disciplined system f or the voting process to ensure accuracy at the elections.
Al-Asam said in a press conference here on Saturday that representatives of the political parties, the candidates and the election observers will be inside the v oting centres throughout the voting period.
According to him, empty ballot boxes would be displayed to the election monitors before they will be locked and assigned specific numbers that can not be change d , pointing out that those present in the voting centre will be asked to write do w n the numbers.
He said further that the commission has given each voting centre enough voting c ards to go round the number of the registered voters in the centre, with serial n umbers, adding that the chairman of the centre will count the voting cards befor e the representatives of the candidates and the observers before the commencement of voting exercise.
He explained that after identifying the voter, his fingers will be stamped with indelible ink, following which the voting card will be stamped and shown to the r epresentatives of the candidates, stressing that any voting card that does not c a rry the stamp of the centre will not be valid.
Al-Asam referred to the availability of other regulations to identify veiled wom en and persons of special needs to close all gaps and to ensure the conduct of f r ee and fair elections.
He denied allegations by the opposition that the election commission is favourin g the ruling party as baseless and untrue, saying that the commission is dealing with all parties on equal basis.

10 april 2010 19:02:00

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