Sudanese army clashes with rebels in Blue Nile

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - The Sudanese Army said on Monday it clashed with rebels in the Blue Nile Region where it freed Mafo, a strategic area.

It said it killed 66 rebels while dozens were injured with the loss of "a few dead and injured" soldiers.

Colonel Al Sawarmi Khalid Saad, the official Spokesman for the Army was quoted by the official Sudan News Agency SUNA as saying that the army had "liberated the area of Mafo in South West of Blue Nile State, and chased away remnants of the rebels who were backed by tanks and mortars and land-cruiser pickups".

He said the Sudanese army destroyed a tank, four pickups and two tractors used by the rebels while some 70 rebels who were injured, including three officers, were pulled into South Sudan's Bonj area to receive medical treatment. He said some rebel elements pulled out into other remote areas in the State.

The spokesman was quoted as confirming that the Sudanese army was now in full control of the area and was now carrying out mopping up operations for the inlet and outlets of the  region "after the resounding defeat sustained" by the rebels.

The army spokesman did not, however, name the group to which the rebels belonged, but it is known that the Sudan People's Liberation Army-North, with a loose affiliation to the government in South Sudan, is active in the region, under the command of former Blue Nile Governor Malik Aggar.

Sudan has been saying one of the reasons behind the non-implementation of the December 2012 agreements with South Sudan is the affiliation of the SPLA-N to Juba and its failure to disengage with the rebels.
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