Sudanese agency bars US officials from troubled Darfur

Khartoum- Sudan (PANA) -- The American Embassy in Sudan Monday expressed regrets that its Charge d'Affaires, Gerar Galluci, and other officials of the embassy and USAID were prohibited from travelling to Nyala town in the South Darfur region of western Sudan.
In a statement issued here, the embassy said the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), a government agency regulating the work of local and international relief organisations, cancelled the trip despite permission from the foreign ministry for the travel.
The embassy and USAID officials were travelling to Darfur, a region of extreme unrest, to monitor its on-going aid programmes.
The statement demanded that the Sudanese government removes barriers to free movement and permit free travel throughout the country.

10 november 2003 11:25:00

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