Sudanese Ambassador to Egypt commends peace efforts in Darfur

Cairo- Egypt (PANA) -- The Sudanese Ambassador to Egypt, Abdel Moneim Mabrouk, Th ursday commended Cairo's efforts to bring peace and stability in Darfur, PANA re p orts Friday, quoting the semi-official MENA news agency.
Ambassador Mabrouk praised their North African neighbour's steadfast stances reg arding achieving a political settlement in the troubled Darfur region.
He added that Egypt's participation in the new UN-African Union joint peace-keep ing force in the western Sudanese region reveals "profound historical relations b etween the two countries".
The statements from the Sudanese Ambassador comes only days after a UN peace-kee ping envoy was attacked by what officials said were portions of the Sudanese arm y as it travelled to Tine in Western Darfur late Monday.
Egypt is to make up a considerable portion of troops in the fully deployed revam ped UN mission to Darfur.
The complete Egyptian troop contingent of 1,200 soldiers and policemen is expect ed by mid-February, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had said.
The UN forces are to attempt to help bring an end to nearly five years of fighti ng in the troubled Darfur region that has killed over 200,000 people and left at least another one million homeless.
By the end of February, the UN hopes the majority of the mainly African troops w ill be present on the ground.

12 january 2008 04:31:00

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