Sudan sentences 20 Darfur rebels to death by hanging

Khartoum- Sudan (PANA) -- Twelve Darfur rebels have been sentenced to death by ha nging, a day after eight others were ordered to face the gallows over an armed a t tack in a Khartoum suburb, which diluted the government's aura of invincibility.
The Anti-terrorism Special Court in Khartoum sentenced the 12 to death by hangin g Thursday, hours after eight other members of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), accused of being involved in the Omdurman attacks last May, were sentence d .
Khartoum rounded up more than 1,000 suspected rebels after the Omdurman attacks, carried out by the notorious Darfur rebel group, and later cut ties with Chad, a ccusing the Chadian authorities of helping to organise the attacks which killed 2 00.
The rebel attacks in Khartoum, the first of its kind, which shattered the Sudane se government's superiority over rebels, has had significant effects on the Darf u r peace process.
Speaking in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, 30 June, African Union (AU) Commission Chair person Jean Ping told journalists he spent more than a week in Khartoum after th e attacks, pleading with the Sudanese President Omar Hassan El-Bashir not to reta l iate the attacks.
The court acquitted one defendant and transferred him to the juvenile court beca use he was underaged.
The spokesman of JEM, Ahmed Hussein, meanwhile said that the movement rejected t he sentence and described it as "unconstitutional".
Hussein warned the Sudanese government of implementing what he called mock trial s, adding that his movement would react at the appropriate time and place.
The rebel group is reportedly planning to retaliate the sentences.

31 july 2008 18:34:00

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