Sudan's HIV/AIDS campaign moves into high gear

Khartoum- Sudan (PANA) -- An NGO coordinating a network on HIV/AIDS in Sudan has resorted to carnivals and street shows to raise public awareness about the pandemic.
"We want to stir and warn the public against the scourge," said A'asim Abdulmoneim, one of the Network operators.
"AIDS is seen as a stigma in this country, and we want to remove this notion," he said.
At the launch of the operation last Monday, UNAIDS consultant for Sudan Abdulla Muta'afi said public awareness campaigns would continue for a whole year until it was felt the message has been received.
"There is need for other local NGOs to join in the effort," Muta'afi said.
He said that according to available statistics, Sudan now had an HIV/AIDS infection rate of one percent

18 july 2001 11:55:00

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