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Sudan cabinet sets up 'crisis cell' to address political challenges

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) – The Sudan Council of Ministers has set formed a joint "crisis cell" from all parties to resolve the current political tension highlighted by numerous feuds within the government.

The cabinet, which met in an emergency session on Monday chaired by the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, agreed to abide by an urgent agreement on practical solutions aimed at boosting and protecting the success of the civil democratic transformation, and preserving the historical gains of the people's struggles in deepening the values of freedom, peace and justice.

The state-owned Sudan News Agency (SUNA) reported that the Council of Ministers urged all parties to refrain from escalating the crisis.

SUNA said the cabinet had a "constructive, frank and transparent discussion", and affirmed its willingness to address the political crisis on the basis of its national and historical responsibility.

The meeting stressed the importance of "dialogue between all parties to the current crisis, whether between the components of the Freedom and Change, or between the components of the Freedom and Change and the military component of the Transitional Sovereignty Council".

SUNA said the Prime Minister stressed the need to "look to the future instead of drowning in the details of the past", emphasising the agreement to continue the dialogue between all sides despite the differences.

Dr. Hamdouk said that history "will judge our success in bringing stability and democracy to our country and the people", reiterating the importance of addressing the essence of issues and avoiding personalisation of matters. 

The Prime Minister called the emergency meeting as the Sudanese military and civilian wings in government have failed to blend with each other with numerous feuds eclipsing the vision about what is hoped would lead the country to general elections in 2023.

The crisis reached a new high when the government announced on 21 September that it had thwarted a coup attempt.

Last Friday, Prime Minister Hamdouk acknowledged that his government was facing “serious crises” and that efforts had to be doubled to bring the government back on track.

And at the weekend, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in Khartoum to protest against government's failure to fully implement programmes it agreed to initiate two years ago or undertake a reshuffle.

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