Sudan asks Egypt for more troops

Cairo- Egypt (PANA) -- Egypt has been called upon to send more peacekeepers to Su dan's troubled Darfur region.
Visiting Sudanese Defence Minister Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein asked Cairo for m ore assistance in maintaining calm in the war-torn Western region.
"Egypt is a key partner in the Sudanese peace process due to its strenuous effor ts to help reach peace and stability in Sudan," Egypt's official news agency MEN A on Monday quoted Hussein saying.
The defence minister, after meeting with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, asked Egypt to send more troops to the country, including policemen, to help keep the situation calm.
Hussein pointed out the importance of an Egyptian presence in Darfur and express ed Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir's desire for a larger Egyptian participatio n in the UN force.
The defence minister added that "Egypt's presence as part of the international h ybrid force in Darfur is really important".
Sudan expects the police units to be deployed in Darfur under UNAMID would be mo stly Egyptian "because of the efficiency of the Egyptian policemen and their clo s eness to the Sudanese people", said the Sudanese minister.

17 june 2008 07:04:00

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