Sudan Referendum: Southerners in northern Sudan vote for separation

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - The Sudanese Referendum Commission on Wednesday announced that  southerners living in northern Sudan have voted for separation.

The spokesperson for the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission, Dr Suaad Eissa, said out of the 116,857 illegible southerners who registered for the referendum, 69,597 turned out at the polling centres.

She said out of this number 27, 918 (40.11%) voted for unity as against 38,003, (54.6%) who voted for separation.  There were spoilt ballot papers.

Ms Eissa said in eight countries where some 60,216 southerners registered, over 58,000 turned in to vote, with a meagre 841 persons (1.44%) voting in favour of unity, as against a whopping 57,048 (98.02%) voting for separation.

The spokesperson said the only area in northern Sudan where southerners have voted for unity was in South Darfur, an area close to southern Sudan.

The results from southern Sudan proper would come later.

The overall results would be announced on 7 February.

However, observers believe Wednesday's announcement could be a strong pointer as to where the overall result would be heading.
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