Sudan: Sudan urges US to reconsider "negative" stand on Doha peace accord

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) – Sudan on Wednesday called on the US Administration to reverse its position regarding the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD), which calls for an alternative forum for peace in Darfur.

The Sudanese government’s Darfur Peace Follow-up Office in a statement it issued on Wednesday described the American stand as “negative" saying it "will not serve peace and Security neither in Africa nor in the region” .

The office, affiliated to the Sudanese Presidency, called on US to respect resolutions by the UN Security Council and African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) in support of the DDPD and urged other Darfur rebel movements to subscribe to the Peace Document.

The Office was referring to a speech by a US representative in the recent AUPSC meeting in which he was quoted as saying that the Doha Document had become ineffective for resolving the Darfur crisis and called for an alternative forum for finding a solution to the crisis.

The Darfur Peace Follow-up Office recalled that from the beginning the US had reservations about the document and agreed to it only after the national, regional and international organizations, including the UN Security Council and the AUPSC, declared their support.

An alternative forum will not be accepted by the people of Darfur or by Khartoum government which sticks to it as the sole forum for peace, said Sudan.

It described the call for an alternative forum as only an attempt to weaken confidence in the DDPD, confuse the peace efforts and discourage the non-signatory movements from signing the Document.
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