Sudan: Six Sudanese killed in South Sudan fighting

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - Six Sudanese nationals were killed in South Sudan during the clashes that erupted there last week, Sudan's official responsible for expatriates, Hajj Magid Sewar, said on Monday.

Sewar was quoted by Al Taghyeer (Arabic for The Change), an independent daily, as saying that some Sudanese were caught in cross fire in Juba.

Sudan started evacuating its nationals from the South Sudan late last week, bringing home so far more that 1,470 nationals who have expressed the desire to come home.

According to government officials in Khartoum over 3,000 Sudanese have expressed the desire to come home on the wake of the clashes there. Sewar said there were up to 90,000 Sudanese now in South Sudan.

The Sudanese official was quoted as saying he believed the situation in South Sudan was far from over and that more sever clashes could be expected between followers of the two South Sudanese leaders - President Salva Kiir and First vice president Riek Machar.

Sudan said it expected over 600,000 South Sudanese to move to Sudan as a result of the recent developments. The Sudanese embassy in Juba is reported to be receiving over 300 applications daily from South Sudanese wishing to travel its northern neighbour.

The tense situation has made a number of countries start evacuating their nationals, including China, the United states of America, Germany and Japan.

However, a recent American move to bring in soldiers to beef up the security in and around the US embassy in Juba has ignited fears among civilians in Juba that the Americans might be intending to intervene militarily there, but the US has denied this.

The UN Secretary General has meanwhile underlined the need for South Sudanese leaders to live up to the expectation of the world and end the fighting and tension.

The African Union's ongoing summit meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, has already devoted considerable time for the South Sudan question, along with the meeting of the IGAD heads of state that met on the margins of the summit.
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