Sudan: Scores killed in Abyei tribal clashes

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - South Sudanese Ambassador to Sudan Mayan Dot has said the clashes that have claimed dozens of lives in oil-rich Abyei Area have nothing to do with Khartoum or Juba governments.

The local media reported Sunday that scores of people have been killed in clashes between rival Missairiyah and Dinka Ngok tribes over grazing land in the long-contested Abyei region straddling the border between Sudan and South Sudan.

The tribal paramount chief of the Arab Missairiyah tribe, Mukhtar Babu, was quoted as saying that 11 members of his group were killed while scores of individuals of the rival Dinka Ngok tribe were also killed in clashes that erupted north of Abyei town on Saturday.

"What is going on in Abyei area has nothing to do with governments. These are skirmishes between Dinka and Missairiaya civilians in Abyei area," the Ambassador told journalists on Sunday.

Abyei is one of the areas contested by both Sudan and South Sudan and its ownership has yet to be decided, as it was not part of the 2005 peace deal that ended the war between the north and the south.

It was equally left out of the 2011 referendum that saw the secession of South Sudan.

An international arbitration has failed to settle the issue of Abyei.
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