Sudan: Omar Al-Bashir wins presidential polls

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - Sudan's Incumbent President Omar Al Bashir, in office for 26 years, has been declared the winner of the country's presidential election and will serve another five years in office.

According to the Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Mr. Mukhtar al-Asum, who announced the results of the country's 13-17 April presidential and legislative polls on Monday, Al-Bashir won 5,252,478 votes, representing 94.05% of the total votes cast.

The NEC Chairman subsequently declared Al-Bashir as President-elect, having obtained more than half of the ballots, while the closest candidate, Fadul al-Sid Shuaib of little-known Federal Truth Party got 79,779 votes, which is 1.43%.

“The candidate of the National Congress Party has gained more than half of the correct ballots; therefore there is no need for a second round of presidential election,” al-Asum said.

The only female candidate, Fatimah Ahmed Abdul Mahmoud of late president Jaafer Nimeiry's Sudanese Socialist Union Party, got 47,653 votes, which is 0.85%.

Dozens of Al-Bashir's party members who attended the announcement of the results greeted it with shouts of “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, go ahead Bashir, go ahead al Bashir-Allahu Akbar siiir siiir ya Bashir.”

The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) and more than 40 pro-government parties took part in the elections, which were however boycotted by several opposition parties, including Sadiq al-Mahdi's National Umma Party, Hassan al-Turabi's Popular Congress Party (PCP), the Sudanese Communist Party, the Congress Party and other member parties of the opposition National Consensus Forces (NCF) alliance.

Asum said the registered voters were 13,126,989 out of which 5,584,863 voted.

Al-Bashir, who seized power in a military coup in June 1989, will be officially sworn in as President for a third term most likely in June.
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