Sudan: FIFA suspends Sudan football association

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - FIFA has suspended the activities of the Sudan Football Association (SFA), effective from Friday.

Citing government interference in the nation's football, FIFA said that  on 30 April, 2017, a group backed by the government and led by Abdel-Rahman Sir Elkhatim, was declared winner of SFA election, despite the fact that FIFA had ordered the suspension of the elections for six months.

The current president of the SFA, Mutasim Gaafar Sir Elkhatim, and his group had dismissed the results claiming that the elections were illegal.

Following the development, Sudan’s police on 2 June, 2017, evacuated the SFA premises forcefully on account of a decree from the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and handed over the building to Sir Elkhatim’s group.

The last move prompted Gaafar and his group to complain to the world football governing body about political interference in football activity.

In an effort to reach a solution to avert any threat of freezing Sudan football, a delegation from the FIFA arrived in Khartoum on 13 June to investigate the issue and meet with the disputing groups as well as the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdel-Karim Musa.

In a letter addressed to the current SFA Secretary General, Magdi Shams al-Din, on 27 June, FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura, said if the decision of the Ministry of Justice “of 2 June 2017 hasn’t been declared null or void by 30 June 2017, the SFA will be automatically suspended with immediate effect”.

“The suspension would only be lifted once the decree of the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Justice of 2 June 2017 is declared null or void and the Board of Directors of the SFA with its President, Dr Mutasim Gaafar Sir Elkhatim, is reinstated”

Sudan first formed its football federation in 1936, joined FIFA 12 years later in 1948 and CAF (Confederation of African Football) in 1957.
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