Sudan: FIFA delegation in Khartoum over crisis rocking Sudan Football

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - Receiving a FIFA delegation in Khartoum on Tuesday, the Sudanese Minister for Youth, Dr Abdul Karim Musa, and the visitors discussed the statute of the Sudanese football association and the amendment required to streamline the status of the association with FIFA basic system.

The Official Sudan News Agency (SUNA) quoted the FIFA delegation as saying that they came to the Sudan to get a firsthand information about the current crisis in Sudanese football following the existence of two football associations.

At the meeting, also attended by Dr Mutasim Jaafar, Magid Shams Eddin, Usama Atta al Manan, Mohamed Sidahmed and all Football Association officials, the minister underlined the need to reach a solution to avert any threat of freezing Sudan football activities.

The minister stressed, however, that it was imperative for the FIFA delegation to meet with the football association elected recently, which is headed by Gen. Abdul Rahman Sirulkhatim.

FIFA had suspended elections into the Sudan Football Association (SFA), which were scheduled to be conducted on Sunday (April 30), for six months following fears of political interference.

A letter from FIFA stated that the decision was taken following correspondence with the SFA and the emergence of a video which allegedly shows a candidate admitting intentions to run for Government office, something FIFA does not allow.
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