Sudan: Campaign under way to collect unlicensed firearms in Sudan

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) – Sudan has said a campaign it launched two days ago to collect unlicensed fire arms in the restive Darfur must succeed if the region is to put the legacy of war behind it.

Sudan’s second Vice President Hassabou Abdul Rahman was on Friday quoted as saying that collection of firearms that are not licensed from individuals in Darfur will help the country “fight the legacy of war and conflicts and their impact on the community.”

On Wednesday Hassabou flew to Darfur in a massive enlightenment campaign telling local administration leaders that peace has come to Darfur but firearms in the hands of individuals undermined all these efforts.

According to reports from Darfur on Friday, the Vice President warned that any administration leader who failed to cooperate would be considered obstructing the peace process.

It was not known how many unlicensed fire arms were in the hands of individuals, but it is believed that every family in Darfur possesses at least one such weapon. This has become a trend within local communities and a means of social pride.

Hassabou, who heads the committee entrusted to collect unlicensed fire arms, is also tasked to help collect unregistered cars and trucks used in conflict areas in neighbouring countries. The trucks are being used in theft and armed robberies in Darfur.

Hassabou said such vehicles would be confiscated right away, without compensation.

He explained that the collection of arms was due to the need to put in place the state authority and the rule of law and help cement peace and stability in the area.

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