Sudan: Bashir says those who boycotted election exercised their constitutional right

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) – In his first comments since he was declared winner of this month's presidential election with nearly 95% of the vote, Sudan's president Omar Bashir has told his countrymen that those who boycotted the election were exercising their constitutional right.

He avoided the harsh language his party has been using for months and sounded conciliatory with his political foes inside the country, but vehemently attacked westerners who criticized the process.

“Those who boycotted the elections, I will never question their patriotism,” President Bashir said.

He said his party recognized the aspirations of those who had wanted to see a bigger participation. However, he stressed, the voter turnout was higher than in many of the democracies of the world.

The Sudanese National Election Commission (NEC) said 46.5% of the eligible voters took part in the process. Bashir won the election, according to the NEC, scoring 94.05%, well ahead of the other 14 candidates that competed with him.

President Bashir lashed out at westerners who criticized the process saying Sudan would not accept any directives from any foreign country.

“This is us, Sudanese, free people. It is from here that when the empire that sees no sun set, saw its demise,” Bashir told cheering members of his party, the National Congress party. He was referring to the first revolutionary movement in Africa, the Mahadism, that killed the famous British conqueror of China, Colonel Gordon Pasha in 1885.
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27 avril 2015 20:11:52

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