Sudan: Al-Bashir appeals to rebels to join Sudanese peace process

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - President Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan Wednesday saluted his compatriots on the occasion of the country’s 59th independence anniversary, stressing that  the coming general elections would be held as scheduled in April 2015.

Speaking at a ceremony held in Khartoum's Republican Palace, attended by thousands of guests, including senior government officials, members of the diplomatic missions and South Sudanese Foreign Minister Benjamin Bernaba, the only guest from abroad, Al-Bashir put an end to speculations that the elections would be postponed, pending the outcome of consultations with opposition political parties.

‘’We are only a few months away from the elections. This is an opportunity to bring all the Sudanese people around for their constitutional rights to chose and to vote freely," Al-Bashir promised.

He said those who argue that the elections, if held on time, would impede the process of dialogue seem to ignore or are not aware that elections, in essence, are but a process of dialogue, based on debates and political argumentation, laying out visions and views and political programmes, proposing solutions for the problems facing the country and its outstanding issues.

After greeting the historic national figures who contributed to the Sudan's independence from the Anglo-Egyptian condominium in 1956, President Al-Bashir said that preparations for the national dialogue he proposed almost a year ago are going on satisfactorily and his call for the dialogue was met with a wide response.

He called on armed rebel movements to lay down arms and join the national dialogue and the peace process, pledging safety for them.

Al-Bashir won the 2010 elections uncontested. And opposition parties, including that of former Prime Minister, toppled by Al-Bashir in a bloodless coup d’etat in June 1989, argue that if held on time, the elections would see no genuine competition with the ruling party and therefore should be postponed until a political settlement is reached with the armed opposition and agreements concluded with the opposition.
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