Student delivers baby during exam session

Khartoum- Sudan (PANA) -- A Sudanese student recently interrupted writing her secondary school certificate examinations to deliver a healthy baby boy at a hospital before returning to the school to complete her examinations, press reports said Tuesday.
The reports said labour pains overtook Sai Kama James (21) of Comboni School in Khartoum while she was working on her geography paper.
After noting her discomfort, her colleagues in the exam hall called a teacher who rushed her to the hospital where she gave birth to her first baby, the reports said.
The teacher said that he was surprised when Sai asked him to take her back to the examination centre to complete her paper.
The teacher obliged only after a doctor assured him that Sai would be able to manage to undertake her request, the reports added.
Fortunately, the school authorities allowed her extra time to complete the paper.
When she finished, the supervisors collected the paper and reported to the ministry of education who approved the measure, the reports said.
Sai continued to sit for the rest of her examination papers according to schedule.
But Sai's husband, Andrew Kwaj, had to baby-sit daily outside the exam hall just in case the baby wanted to be breastfed, the reports noted.
Kwaj said he was happy to baby-sit his son while his wife was writing her examinations.
"My wife is an ambitious woman who wants to complete her education," he told the daily el Esbou (The Week).
"And I am encouraging her to do so because I want her to become an educated and cultivated woman," he added.
He said that prior to the examinations, he used to do much of the house chores in order to give his wife time enough time to study.
"She was carrying my baby, so I had to relieve her from doing housework," said Kwaj.

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