State radio chides political class in Burundi

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- Burundi State Radio has, in an unusual move, gone all out on the conduct of State affairs, castigating both the opposition and the government for failing to restore peace in the country.
An editorial broadcast all through Tuesday lambasted what it said was the "a political class that has failed in the vital mission of mobilising the population on the stakes of survival.
" The diatribe maintained that "success or failure were the only elements on which Burundi politicians would be judged," and warned, "the verdict would be hard for them.
" Decrying the country's lot, the editorial noted that the repercussions of war were felt at all levels.
It said "households had been shattered and were today the scene of domestic tragedies with children not having enough to eat, lacking medical attention and clothing.
" The State radio even called on the population to take some action, arguing that acquiescing helplessly to the whims of "inefficient" political actors bordered on collective suicide or a worthless sacrifice.
"The stalemate can no longer continue, and the citizens should act quickly to create a better future," the editorial urged, denouncing "the weariness and resignation that can be read in the attitudes of a population.
" With regard to the government, the radio recommended concrete initiatives instead of mere words.
"Words no longer have a place in a country where the worst is yet to come," the broadcast, advising that "if our politicians really want to write a glorious page of their history one day, they should be more humble and realise none among them holds a magic wand capable of miraculously dragging the country out of the abyss.

16 may 2001 20:37:00

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