Spain calls for studied response to terrorism

Tunis- Tunisia (PANA) -- Visiting Spanish Prime Minister appealed Monday in Tunis for a "clear and intelligent response" to acts of terrorism, stating that his country was prepared to show its solidarity with the United States and all other countries suffering from terrorism.
At a press conference at the end of his short visit to Tunisia, Aznar emphasised the need to approach matters in a "reasonable manner".
The Spanish head of government said there was need to be "fair and equitable," and to distinguish between terrorism and Islam, inasmuch as the issue was not a clash between cultures or civilisations.
"We are prepared to open the international coalition to all those who wish to participate, and we seek the cooperation of the greatest number of Arab and Muslim countries to put an end to terrorism wherever it exists," he added.
He said he believed that Tunisian President Ben Ali could play "an important role" in the crisis thrown up by the terror attacks in New York and Washington "through moderation and efficiency".
Aznar said he was satisfied with the recent anti-terrorist operation in France, and hoped that other countries would take similar action.
Asked about his country's possible participation in a military response to the attacks perpetrated against targets in the United States, Aznar said "the modalities of such a response have not yet been defined," adding "we are discussing it".
The Spanish Prime Minister's visit to Tunisia ended with the signing of several cooperation agreements and a financial protocol amounting to 105 million euros (96,264 dollars).

25 september 2001 14:20:00

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