Soweto publication circulation raises to 240,000

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- Two hundred and forty thousand copies of a unique, national life skills publication are now being delivered to township dwellers in Gauteng, Western Cape, and KwaZulu-Natal.
Previously "Gauteng Today" and distributed only in that central province, the new title is "Gauteng.
WCape TODAY" shortened colloquially to "TODAY".
The switching of the twice-yearly regional publication to a fully national footprint followed demand from readers and advertisers alike, according to publishers, Soweto Today (Pty) Ltd.
"We've been told by advertisers that our focused editorial mission of empowerment as well as the enhancement of the economic potential of our readers, would be supported nationally.
"We had already seen copies of the original Gauteng Today being read in both the Cape and Natal," said Robin Emslie, a spokesman for the company.
National advertisers have given strong support to the current issue which carries the most advertising ever in the history of the publication.
Originally "Soweto Today" in the eighties, the twice-yearly publication became "Gauteng Today" in the nineties, and has moved to its present title for the new millennium.
This is the only publication of its kind concentrating effectively on social upliftment programmes; new opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs; detailed descriptions of local and national government programmes.
It also provides advertising and editorial partnership opportunities to key target audiences.
The controlled and guaranteed distribution of this publication has more than doubled since its inception in the early 1980s.
Original distribution was into greater Soweto and a few other areas with a total of 100,000 copies.
This doubled to 200,000 copies when the title changed to "Gauteng Today" and distribution expanded to townships throughout the province, and now moves to 240,000 copies with the national footprint and becomes one of the highest controlled distribution publications in South Africa.

02 july 2001 23:51:00

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