South Sudan: UN Security Council arrives in Juba to 'move the ball' on South Sudan's stability

Juba, South Sudan (PANA) - A delegation from the United Nations Security Council has arrived in South Sudan, where it will reinforce recent messages made to the authorities as well as discuss how the UN peacekeeping mission here can help them improve the security and humanitarian situation in the wake of recent violence.

Soon after the delegation’s arrival in Juba on Friday, US Ambassador Samantha Power said the Council members “are completely united in our desire to see peace in South Sudan and to see the people of this country live with the security and the dignity that they have craved for a very long time.”

However, she added, “we are here unfortunately not in a celebratory frame of mind because of our deep concern about the fighting that has degraded the security environment and that has exacerbated a devastating humanitarian for the people of this country.”

“The international community is extremely frustrated with the obstruction of UN peacekeeping operations that has gone on for too long,” she said.

She noted that the Council members “really want to move the ball and really need to see progress on the deployment of the regional protection force, on lifting obstruction of humanitarian actors and of UNMISS, and hopefully moving forward on the political agreement.”

Also speaking to reporters, the other co-head of the delegation, Senegal’s Ambassador Fodé Seck, said that when resolution 2304 authorizing the regional protection force was adopted, the African members of the Council – namely Angola, Egypt and Senegal – highlighted the importance of national sovereignty, and that the force’s deployment must be carried out in collaboration with the Government of South Sudan.

“National sovereignty is paramount for our countries,” he said, emphasizing that the UN “cannot impose” the deployment.

The UNMISS news release also said that the Council delegation will hold meetings with President Salva Kiir and other Transitional Government members, with the aim of reinforcing the various messages contained in a number of Council resolutions on South Sudan.

The Council members will take the opportunity to visit UNMISS Protection of Civilians sites in Juba, and a protection area established adjacent to the UNMISS base in the state of Wau, to meet with internally displaced people and see for themselves the prevailing humanitarian and security conditions.

The Council has, in its most recent resolution, expressed grave alarm over the security situation and the ongoing violence in the country, as well as the dire humanitarian consequences for the people of the country.

It has also noted extreme concern over reports of widespread sexual and gender-based violence and ethnic clashes, and plans to urge all parties to adhere to an immediate end to fighting throughout the country, during this trip.

The visit is also seen as a reiteration of the Council’s full support, expressed in the resolution, for UNMISS, as well as the member states’ commitment to seeing an end to the violence in South Sudan, and a return to the full implementation of the peace Agreement.
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