South Africans warned to keep off US-Afghan conflict

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- The South African government has warned that it would prosecute citizens planning to avenge US military strikes against Afghanistan.
The warning came in the wake of threats Monday by an Islamic organisation, Qibla, based in Cape Town, that it was considering retaliation after this week's US military strikes against targets in Afghanistan.
Deputy Foreign Affairs minister Aziz Pahad said South Africa was bound by UN resolutions to act against all forms of terrorism.
"It would be unfortunate if we were to ignore the reported threats by certain organisations in South Africa allegedly considering retaliatory action against the US," he said.
Pahad added that South Africa's own Foreign Military Assistance Act of 1998 expressly prohibits the recruitment of persons within the borders of the country or elsewhere for engagement in mercenary activities, as well as proscribes the rendering of foreign military assistance within the Republic or elsewhere.
Meanwhile, tensions continue to rise in South Africa over the US air strikes against military targets in Afghanistan.
Religious and labour organisations have announced that they would march to the US Consulate in Cape Town on Thursday to call for an end to the assault on Afghanistan.

10 october 2001 12:11:00

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