South Africans protest against US dominance

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- Union members Thursday began gathering at the US Embassy in Pretoria and the US Consulate in Durban to what they said were Washington's attempts to bully, dominate and subject the world to its own interests.
The protests from the South African Communist Party (SACP), the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and the South African National Civics Organisation (SANCO) follow America's threats to boycott the Durban World Conference Against Racism and Xenophobia if topics such as reparations and the equating of Zionism with racism are not removed from the agenda.
SACP spokesman Mazibuko Jara said the US attitude underlines the need for a fundamental transformation and democratisation of the UN, its Security Council and other multi-lateral institutions such as the World Trade Organisation, World Bank and the IMF.
"For a long while, the US has used these institutions to police and bully the world and poor countries in particular," Jara said.
He said "it is about time the US got told that the UN and all these institutions belong to the whole world and that poor and working people across the world cannot take the arrogance and narrow selfish interests of US capitalists anymore".
COSATU spokesman Moloto Mothapo urged the world to stand up against America's culture of forcing its views on everyone else, arguing that its latest stance "speaks volumes about its views on racism and oppression".
Mothapo challenged Washington to "show the same degree of enthusiasm on the issue of reparations for slavery as it did on reparations to the victims of Nazism".
COSATU will also be demonstrating outside the conference in Durban on 1 September in support of demands for reparations and a condemnation of Israel's racist policies towards Palestine.

16 august 2001 12:39:00

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