South African tourist injured in Bali explosion

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- Cape Town resident Morne Viljoen is one of hundreds of tourists injured in Saturday's bomb blasts on Indonesia's tourist island of Bali.
Although Australians and Indonesians appeared to make up the largest numbers of the estimated 190 or more people killed, two other South Africans are reported missing following the massive car bomb blast.
Viljoen sustained second-degree burns and has been flown to Australia for treatment.
South Africa has joined the international community in expressing solidarity with the people of Indonesia following the attack.
President Thabo Mbeki said he hoped all necessary steps would be taken to apprehend those responsible for the explosion.
"This is a great tragedy which has been consciously and deliberately caused," Mbeki said.

14 october 2002 08:36:00

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