South African school kids get gist of aviation industry

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- Pupils in the northern parts of South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province are this week receiving a taste of what it is like to work in the aviation industry.
The exercise, which is under the auspices of the South African Airways' Vulindlela Aviation Awareness Programme, began with a launch exhibition in Ulundi on Monday, attended by representatives of the Departments of Education and Transport.
Roadshows to Empangeni, Mtubatuba, and Vryheid are also being held this week.
Vulindlela, is a Nguni word, which means 'to open the way'.
Through this project, SAA plans to give advice about careers in the aviation industry to school pupils in rural areas and informal settlements, where there are limited sources of information.
South African Airways (SAA) has taken a special truck and changed it to resemble the inside of an aeroplane.
The truck is fitted with a cockpit, cabin seats, storage cabins and an aeroplane engine for demonstrations.
"The Vulindlela project goes all-over the country to visit those special communities in the rural areas, townships and informal settlements.
This nationwide project is very close to our hearts and part of the responsibility we have towards those people who did not have privileges in the past.
We strive to better their quality of life," said Rich Mkhondo, SAA executive manager.
The Vulindlela team consists of flight deck crew, flight attendants and technical staff who do demonstrations to the pupils as well as the Recruitment and Selection Department who talk more about other non-specialised careers at SAA.
The pupils are also shown aviation videos and supplied with career brochures.
This programme educates, trains and develops pupils to help them fulfil their dreams, while it helps the airline to overcome the shortage of skills in the specialised aviation industry.

26 february 2002 17:20:00

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