South African NGOs mobilise civil society against racism

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- South Africa's Non-Government Organisations Coalition (SANGOCO), has brought together representatives of major sporting bodies, Churches, women, labour, youth and other civic organisations at a preparatory meeting in Johannesburg, to tackle racism in South Africa.
The Monday meeting is ahead of the August World Conference Against Racism in Durban.
"We stand united in a common cause to eliminate racism in all its forms," said Abie Ditlhake, SANGOCO Director.
"By developing a shared approach to the International Conference, civil society leaders will be taking another important step towards engaging ordinary South Africans in all provinces in confronting these important issues".
SANGOCO, as host of the World Conference, has begun co-ordinating an estimated 10,000 delegates world-wide for the event.
The Organisation said it hopes to rise to the challenge laid down by the Millennium Statement on Racism, which was adopted in Johannesburg last year.
"The task of eliminating racism is a national responsibility which must engage all sectors of society in a common effort and national resolve to combat racism and build a society that affirms and respects the dignity of all South Africans regardless of their colour, culture, religion, language, ethnicity or social origin," Ditlhake said.

24 april 2001 15:01:00

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