South African Airways stays resumption of US flights

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- South African Airways has reversed an earlier decision to resume flights to Atlanta and New York.
"No airlines from anywhere in the world are being allowed into the US," SAA executive vice president Victor Nosi explained, adding "unfortunately Flight SA201 to New York and Flight SA211 to Atlanta have had to be cancelled".
Nosi said the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) had decreed that foreign airlines will not be allowed to land on US soil, and that the body was "drafting new security measures that would need to be implemented before departures".
"Earlier we had been given the all-clear by the FAA," he said, adding "that is why we made preparations to resume our scheduled flights, [but] this has been reversed".
However, flights from the US to South Africa are expected to return to normal.
Flight SA9210 from Atlanta left at midday on Thursday and arrived in Johannesburg on Friday morning.
Flight SA9202 from New York departed at 6pm on Thursday night and is expected at 4pm on Friday.

14 september 2001 08:32:00

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