South African Airways jumbo experiences engine failure

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- A South African Airways (SAA) 747 aircraft, which was flying to Frankfurt, Germany returned to Johannesburg International Airport when one of its four engines stalled after take-off Thursday morning.
The flight, which was initially delayed because of technical problems, was able to take-off safely, but returned two hours later when one of the engines stalled.
While flames were seen coming from the aircraft, the engine was not on fire and passengers' lives were never in danger.
Before landing back at the airport, the aircraft dumped fuel to allow it to land at the required weight.
SAA spokesman Rich Mkhondo said the failure of one engine is not an unusual occurrence, adding that the aircraft can fly with only three.
He said an alternative aircraft was made available and all the passengers departed later on Thursday morning, adding that all of them had been offered a return ticket to an international destination of their choice.

29 august 2002 12:53:00

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