South Africa takes pulse of situation in Comoros

Moroni- Comoros (PANA) -- South African Foreign minister Dlamini Zuma is in Moroni to get first hand information on the situation in Comoros and see what support Pretoria can give implementation of an agreement signed there on 17 February under the aegis of the OAU.
"We want to be informed on the contribution of the Anjouan people to the process," said Zuma, whose country is coordinating the OAU's efforts on the Comoros crisis.
Zuma, who arrived in Moroni on Monday afternoon, was preceded by Mauritius Foreign minister Anil Gayan, while Malagasy Foreign minister Lila Hanitra Ratsifandrihamanana was also due there Tuesday.
Meanwhile, the OAU's special envoy for Comoros, Francisco Jose Madeira, has been in Moroni since Sunday.
These officials are part of a high-level delegation from countries of the region and the OAU sizing up progress in the reconciliation process in Comoros, as was announced at the last ministerial meeting held in May in Pretoria.
Speaking to newsmen, Ali Gayan called for the observance of the timetable adopted in the framework agreement, adding that the visiting delegation wanted to give "new impetus" to the reconciliation process and a "guarantee" for the international community's support when Comoros gets a democratically elected government.
The Mauritian minister said that his country was preparing with the OAU the next donors' conference on Comoros, to be held in Mauritius.
In May, Mauritius granted Comoros 25,000 US dollars to support its national reconciliation process.
This was followed by 20,000 dollars from the Malagasy government, then 15,000 dollars from Mozambique and 100,000 dollars from South Africa.
Gayan said that it was time to "put an end to these separatist tendencies," while Madeira called on the various parties in Comoros to seriously and thoroughly commit themselves to the reconciliation process.
The visit comes a few days after the resignation of opposition leader Mouzaoir Abdallah from the presidium of the tripartite commission which, under the framework agreement, is in charge of producing the first draft of the Constitution and appoint an Independent National Electoral Commission.

05 june 2001 14:04:00

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