South Africa's Eastern Cape regions named after Mandela

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- South African Eastern Cape Province's Uitenhage, Despatch and Port Elizabeth regions have been renamed Nelson Mandela Bay.
Representatives of the ministry of tourism and industry, as well as the public chose the name.
The new name and logo was unveiled at a series of functions throughout the Metro on Friday.
After an extensive consultative process involving over 1,000 representatives from business, tourism, government and civil society across the spectrum, it was overwhelmingly agreed that the new brand identity must include the name Nelson Mandela.
A final choice of two possible names, Nelson Mandela City and Nelson Mandela Bay was put to public vote and an overwhelming majority preferred Bay.
The new logo is underpinned by the words "Africa's capital of freedom and excellence.
" The graphic representation shows an outline of a man, right hand out-stretched, open palmed, above his head and his other hand on the shoulder of a child.
The two are silhouetted by the sun and are standing at the edge of a graphic representation of the bay.

01 march 2003 14:06:00

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