South Africa moves against mother-to-child HIV transmission

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- South Africa's Health minister Molefi Sefularo Tuesday in Zeerust launched a project aimed at preventing the transmission of HIV from mothers to their children.
The Tlhabane Community Health Centre and Lehurutshe Hospital have been selected as sites for piloting the programme.
The plan is for medication (Nevirapine) and milk formula to be available to HIV-positive mothers and their babies.
Training for counsellors has been done and a manager responsible for mother-to-child-transmission is in the process of being appointed.
"Our aim is to follow urgently on the pilot phase with the expansion of the programme to the rest of the province.
We shall do so as part of the national process, complying with national laws, norms and standards, and regulations that govern the use of drugs that prevent mother-to-child transmission", said Sefularo.
He said that in the end, no child must be born with a life span predetermined by HIV and AIDS to be no more than five years.

03 july 2001 17:08:00

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