South Africa: SA rocked by fresh Facebook race row

Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – A year after a white Durban woman sparked a national outcry by posting racist comments on Facebook, a white Johannesburg man is under fire for an equally offensive Facebook post.

Ben Sasanof’s bitter tirade about the number of blacks flocking to Durban’s famous beaches has hit a nerve with the Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) slamming his conduct.

Although the post, which also made derogatory insults about President Jacob Zuma was quickly removed, the damage has been done and there are growing calls for Sasanof to face criminal charges.

SAJBD spokesman Charisse Zeifert said all forms of racism are unacceptable “in a South Africa where we strive daily to build a culture based on human rights and principles of dignity and freedom‚ for all of who live in it”.

The year began with Durban estate agent Penny Sparrow referring to black South Africans as “monkeys” in a Facebook message.  She was complaining about the litter on Durban’s beaches over the New Year weekend.

The ruling African National Congress responded by saying, “We can no longer as a nation tolerate such dehumanising violations, where the black majority are treated as subhumans and are referred to as monkeys, baboons and other derogatory racist epithets in the land of their birth.”

Sparrow was ordered by the Umzinto Equality Court to pay US$10,000 to the Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Foundation after being found guilty of hate speech.
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