Somalia signs UN pact against maiming of children

Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) - Somalia’s interim government has signed a pact with the UN, pledging to protect children from falling victim of shoot-to-kill orders and a pledge by the country’s defence minister to issue commands against the killing of children.

The latest order comes weeks after the signing of a similar agreement with the UN in which Mogadishu agreed to eradicate the use of child soldiers.

Somalia and the UN held their 14th Joint Security Committee (JSC) meeting where the Somali Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister, Hussein Arab Isse, joined UN Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia, Peter de Clercq, in signing the latest agreement.

The deal was signed Wednesday as part of an Action Plan on ending the killing and maiming of children.

"The children of Somalia continue to be the victims and survivors of this decades-old conflict and have grown up in war. The Government is firmly committed to put in place measures that protect children from the effects of the conflict in compliance with international law,” Isse said.  

“We are calling on donors to support the Government and its armed forces towards bringing about and enforcing the changes that will put these terrible practices to an end,”de Clercq stated.

The Somali National Armed Forces and allied militia and military groups under its control are to be committed to ending the killing and maiming of children against international law.

Somalia is seeking to fully comply with the requirements that they stop the use of child soldiers and protect children to qualify being removed from the UN Secretary-General’s list of parties who recruit, use, kill and maim children.

Somali authorities are required to issue and disseminate political executive directives and military orders to all military commanders, officers and all military and non-military personnel prohibiting the killing and maiming of children.

Both sides agreed to implement an agreed preventive strategy, to address the killing and maiming of children by the Somali National Armed Forces, including, by training and advocacy with all commanders and military personnel on child rights and child protection.
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