Somalia: Parliament fails to push no confidence vote against PM

Mogadishu, Somalia (PANA) - An attempt by Somali Members of Parliament to pass a no confidence vote against Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed failed to kick off Tuesday after three hours of heckling.

A section of parliamentarians allied to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud tried to bring a no confidence motion against the PM, who has been embroiled in a spat with the President over a cabinet reshuffle.

The Speaker of the House ordered the distribution of the motion paper to the MPs, but Parliamentarians whipping for both sides of the motion mobilized and tussled endlessly.

The Speaker adjourned the session after a fruitless effort to debate the motion.

Members of parliament shouted, whistled and booed endlessly, making it impossible for the Speaker to host the debate on the motion seeking to oust the Premier.

Prime Minister Abdiweli was performing official duties, leading discussions about holding the country’s first major democratic vote in 2016 to elect the country’s leaders.

Abdiweli spoke of progress in achieving security and stability in the country, including efforts to weaken the Al Shabaab and the creation of new states as part of the political progress.

The Somali Premier was quoted as saying the disagreement with the President over a cabinet reshuffle was temporary and a breakthrough was possible.

In Parliament, reporters said the daily attendance register was missing way before the motion of no confidence was due to be tabled in parliament.

Abdi Barre, a key supporter of the Prime Minister, said the attempt to oust the Prime Minister was unconstitutional and unlawful. He accused the Presidential Palace of masterminding the initiative.

Abdirahman Kulmiye Hersi, the proposer of the motion, said the vote was “legitimate” and enjoyed wide support amongst the members of parliament.
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