Somali amputees to get free artificial limbs

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- One hundred amputees from the south- western Somali region of Baidoa, who are victims of the civil strife there, are to receive artificial limbs from the Rotary Clubs of Nairobi and Bombay and the UN Development Programme (UNDP).
Somalia UNDP bureau senior deputy resident representative Andrea Tamagnini told journalists in Nairobi, Monday, that the move was with a view to giving the beneficiaries "a chance to start over again, by literally getting them back on their feet.
" The artificial limb project is at present training in Nairobi two Somalis from Baidoa on how to fit and fix the artificial limbs so that they may help the amputees back home.
The fitters from Nairobi would also fly to Baidoa to take measurements, manufacture the limbs in Nairobi and later fit them on the amputees.
The project is under the Jaipur Foot Workshop founded by the Rotary Club of Nairobi South, with the financial backing of other Rotary Clubs.
It has been expanded into Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi.
Over 9,000 amputees in East Africa have received the artificial limbs since the founding of the workshop in 1990.
The Rotary Club also plans to fund a polio eradication project in Africa at the tune of 500 million US dollars.
At present there are approximately 1.
2 million Rotarians in 163 countries worldwide.

28 may 2001 20:05:00

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