Solana expresses concern about Rwandan incursions into DR Congo

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- European Union Commissioner for Foreign Policy and Common Security (FPCS) Javier Solana has expressed concern about reports of Rwandan military incursions into DR Congo in pursuit of Interahamwe rebels.
"Respect for DR Congo's sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as that of all other states in the Great Lakes region is imperative," Solana stressed Monday in a statement.
"Any violation of this principle will be considered as a breach of the framework set up by the UN and agreements signed by states in the region," he said.
In a Declaration of Principles adopted last 20 November at the Dar es Salaam summit, Great Lakes countries promised to find solutions to conflicts in the region through dialogue.
"Any unilateral action by Rwanda will be seen as a breach of those commitments and a threat to the peace process," Solana intimated, adding, "even if disarmament (of the Interahamwe) is a priority for the international community, the Rwandan approach is not the way to settle the problem.
" Solana urged DR Congo and Rwanda to pursue that objective together, and in cooperation with the UN Mission (MONUC) and the international community.

06 december 2004 19:27:00

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