Six Ivorian soldiers sentenced to prison

Abidjan- Cote d'Ivoire (PANA) -- Six Ivorian soldiers have been sentenced to jail terms ranging from one to 20 years, the military tribunal in Abidjan announced Thursday.
They were accused of participation in the September 2000 raid on the residence of Gen.
Robert Guei, former leader of the country's military junta.
It said five other soldiers were acquitted at the trial, which opened Wednesday morning and ended at dusk.
The eleven soldiers, who went missing after the incident and are still at large, were tried in absentia.
The court considered the six soldiers convicted after the trial to be responsible, at various degrees, of the attack on Guei's residence.
Tuo Fozie was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment, Kone Gaoussou, Dosso Inza, Ouattara Siaka and Coulibaly Adama got 10 years each and Kone Seydou was given 1 year in jail.
The military court acquitted Gen.
Coulibaly Abdoulaye and sentenced Gen.
Lansana Palenfo one year in jail when they were tried in February in connection with the attack.

26 april 2001 20:34:00

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