Sierra Leone demobilisation commission enlists RUF members

Freetown- Sierra Leone (PANA) -- The executive secretary of Sierra Leone's National Commission for Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (NCDDR) Francis Kaikai, has confirmed the inclusion in the body, of five senior members of the rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF).
They include Dennis Lansana, Prince Taylor, Mohamed Ben Kanneh, Joseph Bangura and Tamba Karimu.
The five acknowledged the move as a "confidence-building measure both for the RUF and the NCDDR secretariat.
" Kaikai on his part explained that the move was in a bid to "accelerate our work in the rebel-held areas," adding that the new entrants would also help identify combatant skills that could be useful in the disarmament process.
It is the first time senior rebel fighters are joining the Disarmament Secretariat in Freetown after more than a year of disagreement.

22 june 2001 13:55:00

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