Sierra Leone VP denies blasphemy charges

Freetown- Sierra Leone (PANA) -- Vice President Solomon Berewa has denied making comments that are tantamount to blasphemy while addressing a recent political rally in Sierra Leone's second city of Bo.
The vice president allegedly blamed the death of Jesus Christ on "insubordination", generating anger within the Christian community here who have described the assertion as 'blasphemous'.
The Catholic Church in Sierra Leone is reportedly planning a meeting to discuss the alleged statement by Barewa, a senior member whose son serves as a priest in the church.
There have been calls within the Catholic Church for Barewa, a senior pianist, to be ex-communicated from the Sierra Leone diocese.
"I will never think of defaming any religion let alone Christianity into which I was born," Barewa told a news conference here Thursday, denying he made the statement.
"My illustration about Jesus Christ in my statement in Bo has to do with my relationship with certain people I did not name.
I was referring to my own betrayal by some people using our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as an example of betrayal," he explained.
The vice president said he was "completely taken out of context and misrepresented by people in politics", noting that he was "not treated fairly especially so when political mileage was being made out of the issue".

27 may 2005 09:47:00

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