Sierra Leone: Leaders of parliament, anti-corruption commission spat over missing Ebola funds

Freetown, Sierra Leone (PANA) - Leader of Sierra Leone's Parliament Ibrahim Bundu and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) chief Josepth Kamara have clashed openly over the apparently missing Ebola funds as contained in the Auditor General's report.

The clash follows the indictment Tuesday by the ACC of 40 people deemed to have corruptly benefited from the Ebola funds.

On Wednesday, Bundu took to the airwaves to condemn the ACC boss for acting on the Audit report while it is still being debated in parliament.

Parliament did not sit Wednesday because it is a public holiday, but that did not prevent the ruling party leader, who quoted Standing Order 75 which, he said, prohibits public discussion or action on the report while parliament debates it.

Bundu, who on Tuesday also threatened journalists with contempt if they allow public discussion on the audit report while it is being debated in Parliament, called on the 40 people who were named by the ACC to report for questioning to defy the order.

The ACC boss described the statement as "unfortunate and disruptive", adding that the ACC as an independent body is not subject to the control of Parliament.

He said the audit report became a public document even before it was tabled at parliament and that it is now a matter of public interest.

The public seems to have sided with the ACC boss, accusing the MP of attempting to water down the report.

Since it was made public last Thursday, the Auditor General's report has generated much debate, with civil society groups, opposition political parties and the public calling for a judicial inquiry.

The report claimed about US$14 million of the funds meant to fight Ebola is unaccounted for.
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